Detox from Chemtrails

Also, delicious recipe for consuming bentonite clay which pulls out glyphosate:

1 tbsp organic whole psyllium husk
1 tsp bentonite
1 tsp organic raw cacao powder
Pinch stevia to tast
Pinch sea salt
Mix dry stuff well, will blend better

Add to blender with
8-10 oz filtered water
2-3 tbsp cold pressed organic coconut oil


Enjoy at bedtime! Poop good I’m morning. Important for detox.

P.S. I drink 4 oz organic preservative free aloe firstĀ  because bentonite (or any clay) is constipating.

Also, cheaper than buying a supplement and delicious is:

1/2 tsp organic turmeric spice
1 tbsp cold pressed organic coconut oil
Pinch organic black pepper
Sprinkle sea salt

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