We must all join together right now to put a stop to this insanity while we still can. Time is running out! Tell everyone you know by e-mailing them this web site address: www.lookupnow.info together with a note from you. Our web site focuses on the huge health dangers of Chemtrails to every man, woman and child and proves it with the facts!Important: Also ask your friends to also e-mail it to all their friends to get as many people as possible to understand the health dangers of CHEMTRAILS in our skies. Another effective way to get the word out is to e-mail your local newspapers and your local radio and television stations as well as to local, state and national health departments. DEMAND CHEMTRAILS END!

www.lookupnow.info is made up of a community of people just like you who want CHEMTRAILS to end! Everyone must be informed and they then may take action on this huge health problem that now affects every man, woman and child. This CHEMTRAIL total insanity of dangerous toxins being sprayed by the tons out of airplanes in our skies is being financed by the super rich, elite, evil psychopaths to sicken, control and reduce the population. CHEMTRAILS end with you and all of us working together! Join us.


E-mail and tell everyone that you know to check out this web site to help them learn about the many aggressive CHEMTRAIL attacks that happen every day in our skies that continue to weaken our health.


Send petitions by email, tweets, and letters to city, state and national health departments and government officials as well as local radio and television stations in your area. Call them on the phone too. Join rallies. There are a variety of ways to make your voice heard. We are fighting to keep our good health and our very lives! CHEMTRAILS sicken and kill.


Meet other people who care about this important life threatening issue as much as you do. Keep updated on what they’re doing to change the world to get CHEMTRAILS out of our skies forever. The clock is ticking. CHEMTRAILS end with you and all of us working together! Join us.